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    EHS Road Transport Safety Requirements

    Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) /Dubai World recognizes the need for imparting more  safety  awareness  to  all  clients and port users utilizing PCFC/Dubai World premises towards safe transportation of cargo by Road Vehicle to safeguard the general public and people at work. Due to the fact that improper and careless packing or loading  of  goods  into  vehicles  or  lack  of  blocking, bracing  and  securing, may be the cause of accident when they are handled and transported. EHS has initiated efforts  to control unsafe conditions and unsafe acts at source to accomplish safe & environmentally sound working atmosphere.

    The person who packs goods and secures them in the container  or  vehicle  for transportation may be the last person to look inside the unit before it is opened by the consignee at its final destination. Consequently, a number of people will rely on his skill, including:

    –  Road vehicle drivers and other highway users when the unit moves by road.
    –  Dock workers when the unit is loaded or discharged.
    –  Personnel unpacking the unit.

    All persons mentioned above may be at risk from a poorly packed cargo or container or vehicle,  in particular  one  which  is  carrying  dangerous  goods.  Hence  you  are  hereby instructed to adhere to the following EHS requirements with immediate effect.

    “Code of Practice for the Management of Dangerous Goods in the Emirates of Dubai”, and Relevant Technical Guidelines issued by Dubai Municipality must be implemented by any person transporting Hazardous and Non Hazardous goods by any means in or into Dubai.

    – Ensure  that  the  cargoes  to  be  transported  are  properly  secured  and  safe  for transportation  at  the  loading  point. Trading  companies  shall  be  responsible  for incidents/accidents  which  occur  during  transport  due  to  failure  to  follow  safe securing, packing or loading.
    – It must be ensured that packaging, in every way, is compatible with the articles or substances to be contained with them.
    – Ensure  that  tires  have  been properly inspected  for inflation,  damage  and  wear before loading.
    Distribute loads evenly and securely. Cargo weight shall not exceed the maximum allowable capacity of the vehicle and no overloading shall be allowed
    – All  drivers  of  vehicles  transporting  hazardous  goods  shall  be  given Material Safety  Data  Sheet  (MSDS)  or  equivalent  from  the  generator  which  should mention in particular any appropriate instructions about the nature and dangers of the load being carried and the hazards involved with any spills, personal exposure, and emergency procedures.

    – Ensure that service provider has valid permit for collecting waste.
    – Recycling company rent a vehicle should have a letter stating that the vehicle is rented for such purpose.
    – The stacking height of the cargo shall not exceed the top side of the loading area enclosure or side enclosure as applicable.
    – All  the  drivers  must  strictly  follow  safe  driving  practices and adhere  to  speed limits while driving within the jurisdiction of PCFC.
    – Cargoes  extending  out  of  the  vehicle,  in  particular, transportation  of  heavy equipment’s shall install a warning flag/sign at extended part conspicuously.
    – Using a cellular telephone is one of the many distractions a driver faces, hence this practice should be avoided while driving
    – PCFC  authority  shall  stop  vehicles at  any  time  if  any  transport  violation  is observed within the PCFC premises and subsequently the matter shall be handed over to the Dubai Police for legal action.
    – No trailer shall be used for the conveyance of dangerous goods in ISO containers except those with properly equipped twist locks.
    – Drivers  shall  not,  without  reasonable  cause,  leave any  road  vehicle  carrying radioactive  yellow  category  II  or  yellow  category  III  packages  unattended  in a public place and shall not park not more than one hour in any place unless there is a clear space of at least 2m around the vehicle and this clear space shall not be occupied by people.
    – The cylinders shall be transported in vertical position in the trucks as per capacity prescribed. Larger cylinders shall be kept in position by tying ropes or chains to prevent from falling.
    – All valves and pipe fittings on the tankers shall be of high standard and in perfect condition to avoid spillage on the roads
    – All appropriate measures must be taken to prevent spillage of any loose cargoes from the vehicle.
    – All PCFC /Dubai World clients and Port users are advised to comply with the above requirements.

    Non- compliance with the above will result in appropriate actions against violators.

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