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    Transporting your goods by road in the Middle East safely and on time is not an easy task. You need specialists who know the region in details and have the right equipment, skills and experience.

    DATE Transport has both the knowledge and expertise to offer you suitable road transport solutions throughout the region. For many years now, our customers continue to applaud our customized transport solutions. And one of the major strengths of our company lies in the flexibility and enthusiasm of our team of professionals, as well as using our own equipment and material.

    DATE Transport specializes in the storage and transportation of bulk and packed petroleum, chemicals and general cargo products throughout the Middle East region.

    DEPOT Services for ISO tank containers to include custom-specialized cleaning, repair, testing, storage and handling.

    Within the framework of vertical integration for the transportation services, an automated Tank Cleaning System, container handling and container service and maintenance facility is part of our focus towards augmenting our services to chemical and petroleum companies, logistic service providers and tank container operators.

    Special Equipment for Special Transport
    For special projects we provide road petroleum and chemicals tanker trucks, flatbed trailers and tipper trucks for construction and landscaping projects. Vehicles of various capacities are available within our fleet.

    Information Technology
    Presently all of our transportation vehicles are equipped with an on-board tracking system. Combining the best of GSM and internet technologies, we are able to monitor the movement of our vehicles on the road. This enables us to monitor the performance in terms of driving, over speeding, stopping at unauthorized locations, maintenance and vehicle utilization.

    IT high-end ERP infrastructure integrated with mobile apps, vehicle tracking systems and online order processing and tracking features is also available to its customers, suppliers and associates for viewing and printing their respective reports.

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